10 Reasons I love Parys

I am a local photographer and designer living in Parys, Free State. Herewith a few reasons why I love Parys.

1.) Living in Parys is like being part of the old sitcom “cheers” where everybody knows your name.

2.) One could run 10 errands in 30 minutes (incl. difficult ones like the bank, the Post Office, Pick n Pay, voting, vehicle licensing.)

3.) If I go to my bank (FNB) and there is a queue the manager will come to me and say “Deon this is going to take an hour if you come back at 16:30 it will take you only 5 min. and she’s right.

4.) A traffic jam means there are three cars in front of you.

5.) There are only 2 traffic lights in the whole of Parys.

6.) When you go outside at night it sounds like you live next to the ocean as you can clearly hear the river rushing through town.

7.) The stars at night.

8.) Within 5 minutes from any home you are in the most beautiful countryside.

9.) The Vaal River, one of the most beautiful rivers in the world run through Parys!

10.) You don’t say to your spouse I’m going to Mica, Pick n Pay, Jack’s or the bank, you say I’m going to Colin, Lukas, Andre or Venezia.



15 President Steyn Rd., Parys



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