Parys is readying itself for the biggest flower festival South Africa has ever seen!

Guesthouses in town are fully booked and thousands of visitors from across the world are flocking to Parys in the Free State this weekend.

The festival is an initiative of the Free State Government and the organisers of the annual Madeira Flower Festival. The Free State-Madeira flower festival will be held over the 11th and 12th November. The festival being held in the streets of Parys, will be free to the public.

Flower-fever has taken hold of the local citizens and everyone is helping to clean-up town and get it in tip-top shape for the flower parade. In anticipation of the festival old car tyres have been recycled and painted in festive colours by the children from the Tumahole township outside Parys. These are being placed at the town entrances and being planted flowers. Unfortunately Parys is a country town and roaming cattle are making things a bit more difficult, but we’ve learnt to live with it, it’s all part of small town life!
The festival promises to be spectacle and on Saturday a host of festivities will be presented; people can expect colourful floats, dancers, millions of flowers, a flower parade, exhibitions, stalls and a theatre performance. More than 600 artists will partake in the event.

The festival is not all fun-and-games but it will also encompass a conference to discuss cut flower trade and exports and many workshops for florists, botanists and landscapers will be held at a hotel just outside Parys as well as at the festival precinct. Friday is earmarked as the “business day” when the  workshops and the conference will be held. Up-coming entrepreneurs will benefit from attending the Friday workshops.

Interested parties can visit the festival website at for further information.

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